Tuesday 17 June 2014

Attack Wing gets big

On top of their now monthly releases of new starship miniatures for the Attack Wing game, Wizkids have now announced two more, and much bigger, expansion packs. Coming in November will be huge models of Deep Space 9, and a Borg Cube (links go to pdf solicitations).

The Deep Space 9 model has previously been released, last year, as a prize in the Dominion War gaming event. But now it will be available to everyone, and Wizkids are promising the retail version will be even better than the already very impressive model, with "an all-new premium paint job exclusive to this retail variant" and "all-new stats exclusive to this retail variant". At a whopping eleven inches across this very detailed model will probably be the best version Deep Space 9 around, so might also be of interest to anyone that just wants a great model of the station. This photo is of the existing non-retail version (via Board Game Geek):

The Borg Cube is also pretty big, eight inches across. So far Wizkids have only released a computer mock-up in their solicitation:

For more details of Attack Wing and other Star Trek miniatures games from Wizkids see my previous articles by looking back through my Wizkids tag. You'll also find details of all forthcoming releases by hitting the "models, props, toys, and games" tab on my schedule page.


  1. A retail version of that DS9 could be cool. Though I wonder how much it'll cost.

  2. Jim, if you peek into the pdfs you see that the DS9 model will cost $99.