Tuesday 10 September 2013

Starships Collection Akira class

The Official Starships Collection's project manager has been sharing photos on the collection's Facebook page again. This time he's treated us to a look at what I think is one of the coolest ships in Trekdom, the Akira class. This is the final model, although it's not been signed off by CBS yet. While it is meant to be the USS Thunderchild the name is not on hull, as it turns out it wasn't on the model in the film either.

The Akira class is to be the twelfth issue of the series, which means we'll be able to get it early next year.

UPDATE: John van Citters, master of all things Trek at CBS, tweeted this starship-gasm of a photo, with a whole fleet of Akiras!

Also lurking back in the depths of van Citters' twitter photos was this nice shot of the fleet with many of the ships from the first few months worth of issues:

For full coverage of the entire Starships Collection, check out my index page.


  1. Gah! I wants it! I wants it so bad!

    Come on guys, announce availability in Canada already! Show the colonies some love! :)

  2. AWESOME looking model. This is a MUST. I can't wait.