Friday 25 January 2013

IDW omnibus covers

New covers have appeared for some of the forthcoming omnibus books from IDW:

Beginnings, book four in their Classics series, uses the same artwork as the previous release of the same book by DC. I expect the artwork will be used on the final IDW book, although anticipate the titles will be changed to match the same format used on the previous books in the Classics series:

The paperback version of the Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes is identical to the previous hardcover edition, which itself was a reuse of the issue 1/promo art for the series:

And the John Byrne Collection cover has appeared with the titles arranged a bit differently from the recent solicitation version. Commenting on his forum Byrne noted this might not be the final placement of the titles, and also noted there may be some embossed and glazed parts to the cover. I hope this layout is more indicative of the final form than the solicitation version, it looks neater:

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