Sunday 18 April 2010

Novel new novels

2011 seems to be shaping up as a interesting year for Star Trek novels with two more creative takes on Trek prose join Star Trek: DTI on the forthcoming list.

As annouced by David A McIntee on his blog, coming in the spring will be Indistinguishable From Magic; under the general title of Star Trek the book will feature Geordi, Scotty, Nog and Guinan up to something in 2382, set after The Typhon Pact. The book was apparently originally pitched as a duology, so McIntee expects it to be quite long.

Then, from Dayton Ward's blog; coming mid to late 2011 will be the sixth Vanguard book, with a new twist on the series, giving us four novellas in a single mass market paperback book. The four stories, set throughout the Vanguard timeline will be by Ward himself, Kevin Dilmore, David Mack, and *fanfare* Marco Palmieri!

UPDATE: Also, Kirsten Beyer is working on a third Voyager relaunch novel, which she announced on the TrekBBS (Thanks to Unreality SF's Defcon for finding the source of that for me!)


  1. Also, (according to the internets, no idea where it originated from) Kirsten Beyer is apparently expected to deliver a third Voyager relaunch novel in 2011.

    She has announced it about a month ago at the TrekBBS

  2. Was hoping that would do the trick. Thank you kindly :D