Wednesday 11 April 2007

"The Cage" Enterprise from DST

Diamond Select Toys' version of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 started to become available last week, and interestingly there have been reports of a few of them being a variant to represent the ship as seen in the pilot episode "The Cage".

Well whilst it had been rumoured, DST hadn't actually announced such a variant would even exist so this was quite a surprise. A poster at Art Asylum's message boards contacted DST customer services about it and got an explanation that goes like this: 3000 Enterprise's have been shipped, by accident 200 of those were "The Cage" versions, there will be a full release (or exclusive at least) later. They also found out the "The Cage" version will not have light up nacelles much like the original studio model, though they did experiment with this option in development.

You can see some photo's of the "The Cage" version here at Art Asylum's message boards.

DST's standard version USS Enterprise:

There are also rumours of a "Where No Man Has Gone Before" variant to come later.

Also have a look here at the Trek BBS where the chap who made the model which DST/Art Asylum based thier tooling on is showing off his work.

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