Saturday 1 May 2021

Eaglemoss reveals their gold XL TOS USS Enterprise

Eaglemoss have revealed their fourth gold plated starship model. Coming in July is the XL edition of the TOS version of the USS Enterprise, plated in 18 karat gold(ad), and new variant of the existing XL USS Enterprise model(ad). Continue below to check out the model, and for a look at some other gold versions of the ship!

This new gold XL USS Enterprise follows on from the previous gold XL USS Enterprise-D(ad), and smaller regular Starships Collection issue sized versions of both the USS Enterprise(ad) and USS Enterprise-D(ad) also in gold! No doubt if they get decent sales Eaglemoss will carry on the line towards delivering the enterprise Enterprise lineage in gold - And who knows, maybe the other hero ships too if people keep buying them!

Eaglemoss are not the first Star Trek licensee to become enamoured by gold starships, it's a bit of a curious sub-theme of starship models, and by my count this at least the 12th golden rendition of the TOS Enterprise alone! 

Most recently of course there's Eaglemoss' own smaller gold version of the ship(ad), released last year:

Perhaps the most grandiose model is Franklin Mint's "Millennium Edition"(ad) released in 1999. This is hefty gold plated pewter model, on a rather fussily-designed stand:

Franklin Mint also released two smaller gold plated Enterprise's as rooks in their 25th anniversary TOS chess set(ad):

The only other golden Enterprise I know that is actually gold plated seems a little unworthy of the grand treatment, a small starship bobble-head from Bif Bang Pow's Monitor Mates range(ad), a 2016 San Diego Comic Con exclusive, in gold to mark the 50th anniversary.

And that was by no means the only golden anniversary golden Enterprise. Hallmark also released a gold version of the piolet-episode variant of the Enterprise as a Keepsakes Christmas tree decoration(ad) (weirdly the normal on-screen colours version of the same model was only offered as a convention exclusive variant(ad)):

Fascinations re-issued their Metal Earth metal model kit of the Enterprise in an anniversary gold edition(ad) as well:

For the 40th anniversary Diamond Select Toys got a decade ahead of themselves and released a gold version of their USS Enterprise electronic toy(ad). This one is super rare, only available in the Japanese market, and a limited edition of just 300.

Dipping back some years, in 1993 Willets Designs crated a  golden Enterprise displayed on a marble-like base/backdrop(ad), which they promoted as "both a bookend and a decorative accessory"! 

Then we start to get really esoteric. There are two different golden USS Enterprise bottle openers(ad)! In either a larger format, or a small keychain version:

And finally, there's ThinkGeek's limited edition gold variant of their USS Enterprise pizza cutter(ad):

And that's just the classic Enterprise (that I know of), you can also find gold versions of the Enterprise-A, Enterprise-C, and Enterprise-D (so far!).

Eagelmoss' new gold-plated XL USS Enterprise model will be available from July, and is available to order now direct from Eaglemoss' webshop(ad). If you fancy trying to gather a collection of the other gold Enterprises, you might find it a challenging endeavour, as some of them are quite hard to come by these days.

For more Eaglemoss updates, check back through my Eaglemoss tag, or for starships coverage in general see my ships or model ships tags.

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