Wednesday 20 January 2021

FanSets release All Good Things combadge, Titan pins coming, and much more

FanSets have kicked off the new year with loads of new spins from Star Trek old and new, and lots of teases of what they're working on for later in the year - Including Titan merch and other Lower Decks releases, new ship pins, characters, and insignia badges. Continue below to check out their latest.

First up, and just released, is the latest in their rapidly growing insignia badge range, the All Good Things... combadge, which was also seen in the alternate future in Voyager's Endgame, and DS9's The Visitor, and inspired the similar Picard badge.

At the moment this is offered as a pin only, but the magnetic version, and mini pin version, are due in February (so says FanSets Twitter).

Also along emblematic lines, the previously teased USS Cerritos bar logo is now available.

And due at the start of February is a Risian Horga'hn pin (via Twitter).

The latest in the starship focused MicroFleet series is Doomsday Machine

And coming soon (once the name is added to the design) is the USS Titan, reliving its moment of glory from Lower Decks.

And there's more on the way for Titan fans too, with Riker and Troi in their animated forms joining the MicroCrew range.

Most of the MicroCrew pins follow FanSets' own distinctive style. Their latest releases include Owosekun and Nilsson from Discovery:

And they've also teased Reno and Book to come:

The Picard crew is also gradually filling out, with Rios and Jurati the latest released:

And there's more promised from Picard too, with Narissa on the way, along with the first two-person MicroCrew pin, featuring Laris and Zhaban:

Older series are also well represented, with some welcome additions to the TOS movie era coming: Admiral Kirk, and Doctor Gillian Taylor:

And TOS TV era too in the form of Trelane:

The TNG crew is also expanding, with Doctor Pulaski and Guinan:

And good Klingon representation with Gowron and Martok:

Also from DS9 there's Nog, and from Enterprise, Dolin the Xindi Reptilian:

Finally for MicroCrew teases, this photo FanSets tweeted, gives a first look at Section 31's Sloan from DS9, Rhys from Discovery, and Raffi from Picard:

Also in that picture is Nurse Chapel from the Women of Trek, which you can get a better look at below. When they tweeted the picture it was expected she'd be arriving this month, but it's missed their regular release slots, so maybe not until February now?

Finally, there's EpisodePins, which have now started releases to celebrate Picard season one. So far they've released pins for the first four episodes, and a season one pin.

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  1. I'm surprised they haven't announced a 32nd century Starfleet tricombadge yet.