Tuesday 15 December 2020

Star Trek Online's latest ships, including Synths, new Romulan and Jem'Hadar classes, and more

Star Trek Online have recently introduced quite a variety of new ships to the game through various means. Continue below to check out some of their latest designs.

First up, available as a possible prize from the Infinity Lock Box, the Synth ship previously in the game as a non-playable ship is now available to fly yourself. STO are calling this the Deimos-class Pilot Destroyer.

Here's how they describe it:
The A500 series of Synthetics was created to serve Starfleet. While not as advanced as a Soong-type Android, and certainly lacking the interpersonal skills that Data would come to learn and display, the A500 was enough of a success that they were put to work throughout some of Starfleet's most dangerous jobs. There was even a ship designed for their use, mostly for transport and for defense of the Utopia Planetia shipyards. Due to the synthetic nature of their operators, these ships are faster, more nimble, and more accurate than the counterparts designed to be run by other sentients. 

Unfortunately, a fleet of these ships was used to conduct the assault on Utopia Planetia in 2385. Due to their use in that attack, Starfleet halted their production and put them aside, until very recently. Starfleet Engineers have retrofitted these ships to operate with sentient controllers, without losing their agility.

As usual, a new ship comes with new abilities, this one comes with a universal console called the Immolating Phaser Lance, which does this: 
This multi-purpose device is well suited for asteroid removal, planetary defense, or general widespread destruction. After a short charge period, it channels a massive burst of Phaser Damage out the front of your ship and into the target and nearby area. This console can store enough power for six shots at a single time, but takes time to recover both between shots and to built the charge back up. 

They also have another weapon, the Kinetic Feedback Matrix:
The Kinetic Feedback Matrix deals heavy kinetic damage its target. Subsequent hits on the same target will grant a boost to Energy Weapon Haste. It has a 180 degree targeting arc. 
And a Formation Flying trait:
While this trait is slotted, activating any distress call will summon a pair of Synth Destroyers that fight alongside you for a short duration, devastating the nearby area with phaser beams. They have an immolating phaser lance that's synchronized with your firing control, activating it whenever and wherever you do.

You can read the full stats of the ship on the STO blog. Curiously when they first posted the blog it featured this ship design instead, a variant of the Synth ship design. Wonder when this is going to show up!

Meanwhile coming soon to the C-Store are two new Recon Destroyers, giving this type of ship as an option for the Jem'Hadar and the Romulans, alongside the existing Klingon Ketha class, and Federation Lafayette class (a New Orleans variant). 

The Romulan option is the Rahhae Recon Warbird:

Which STO describe:
The Romulan Republic, lacking the resources and industrial muscle of the Federation and the Klingon Empire, is often challenged to maintain a fine balance between innovation and economic necessity when it comes to the design of new starships. Fortunately, the engineers of the Republic are up to the task, and the Rahhae Recon Warbird is their latest triumph in that arena. This new vessel brings potent scientific and intelligence gathering tech to the Republic fleet.

Warbirds are powered by a Singularity Core, unlike other starships. This unique form of propulsion grants extra abilities compared to Warp Cores, but comes at the cost of lower overall power levels for the starship.

Like most warbirds, this starship comes with innate Romulan Battle cloaking, allowing the starship to stealth even during combat.
This is also available as a fleet variant which looks like this:

The Jem'Hadar Vanguard don't much care for fancy names, with theirs' known just as Jem'Hadar Vanguard Recon Destroyer.

In these trying times, constant conflict and ever-present hostility have made exploration and reconnaissance at the edges of the frontier an even more dangerous endeavor than normal. The Jem'Hadar Vanguard Recon Destroyer has been designed in response to this galactic atmosphere, providing a distinct combat-focus to a ship that is otherwise dedicated to scientific study and intelligence gathering.

Vanguard Starships come included with two loyal Jem’Hadar ace pilots. These expert pilots fly their own Jem’Hadar Vanguard Raiders in formation with you, never straying far from your side. Their extensive experience in team-based tactics allow them to execute powerful maneuvers at your command. In case of catastrophic ship failure, they will return back to operations shortly and automatically after a brief lockout.
And here's the fleet version of that:

There is also an update for the Federation recon destroyer, as STO have released an updated version of the New Orleans class too:

You can read full stats for the new recon destroyers on another STO blog.

Finally something more exotic. Behold the Fek'Ihri Gok'tad Carrier:

This ship can be obtained as a prize for taking part in activities in Q's Winter Wonderland.
The Fek'Ihri have returned to the galaxy in force with brand new ships over the past few years, but now they return to a classic design. The Gok'Tad takes the lessons these Klingon demons learned from the Kar'fi, and apply it to a fearsome new ship class.

This ship's abilities include the Fiery Charge console:
Summoning all of the powers of Grethor, the Gok'tag fires three spectral, flaming chains, linking itself to the enemy ship and pulling itself in at high speed. As it rams through the enemy ship, it does a massive amount of fire damage. This console also provides a passive boost to fire damage and flight speed.
The Grethor's Weapons trait:
Upon reaching level 5 in your Fek'Ihri Gok'tad Carrier, you unlock the Grethor's Weapons Starship Trait. While this trait is slotted, launching hangar pets gives your weapons additional fire damage, that scales with your enemy's missing hitpoints.
And oddest of all, the ghostly Lost Souls of Gre'thor hanger pets:
These fearsome hangar pets come with this ship, and may be slotted on any Fek’Ihri Carrier. Additionally, if you own the Kar’Fi Battle Carrier, you may equip the S’Kul Fighters on this Dreadnought Carrier.

There's an STO blog giving full details of the ship. And also check out the Winter Wonderland post for details of other goodies you can pick up, including this fabulous Purple Nanopulse Discovery-Era Bat'leth:

And all these festive rainbow jumpers!

For more Star Trek Online coverage, check back through my STO tag.

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