Sunday 14 June 2020

Star Trek Online introduces the Picard Romulan Bird of Prey. Plus other new ships and updates

The Star Trek Online shipyards have been busy lately, with new and updated ships coming regularly. Continue below to check out all the latest, starting with...

The Romulan Bird of Prey seen in Picard is coming to the game. And that means we can get a really good look at the new version of the bird of prey paint job, which is only seen fleetingly on-screen (see Ships of Picard article). Behold:

This will be offered as part of the Legendary Romulan Captain Bundle, which also includes a freshly updated version of the classic TOS Bird of Prey (T'Liss class), the Enterprise Bird of Prey (T'Varo), and several other previous variants of the Romulan Bird of Prey, and this new Picard variant, which is considered a refit of the T'Liss.

The bundle also includes a boost to one Romulan character up to Level 65, and a whole suite of materials and equipment to keep that character in action.

UPDATE: STO ship artist Thomas Marrone has now finished up work updating the T'Varo class, and shared these images of the updated model on Twitter:

Meanwhile, a current No Win Scenarios Event is giving players the chance to pick up another couple of ships; either the Federation Kobayashi Maru Freighter or Klingon Tong’Duj Freighter. To win them you need to play through 14 days worth of either Arena of Sompek or Kobayashi Maru.

More new ships are coming via the Infinity Lockbox, which recently added a couple of Species 8472 ships to the possible ships to win when purchasing that content. Available as a prize from the lockbox itself is the Undine Cheirax Bio-Warship, which Cryptic describe like this:
The Undine Cheirax Bio-warship [T6] is an upgraded version of the Undine Nicor. A better understanding of Undine bio-technology, movement in fluidic space and other advances in impulse technology have allowed salvage teams to recover and rebuilt a much more complete picture of the starship’s combat capabilities, enhancing its ability to move through normal space to match how it dances through fluidic space.
This ship comes with a console, the Enhanced Fluidic Energy Focusing Array:
This massive energy discharge has been adapted for combat use, instead of as a method of planetary destruction. By calling in energy-focusing drone ships, the Undine vessel can then channel this energy into an attack that will devastate the enemy ship, and all of their nearby allies. The attack detonates multiple times upon colliding with the enemy, each time emitting a ring of energy that gets progressively larger over the course of the three detonations.

Available via the Lobi Store is the Undine Kiwavi Bio-Cruiser. Described thusly:
The Undine Kiwavi Bio-Cruiser [T6] is an upgraded version of the Undine Dromias. A better understanding of Undine bio-technology, communication protocols, and improvements to cross-cultural starship communication have allowed salvage teams to recover and rebuilt a much more complete picture of the starship’s combat capabilities, including its immense battlefield command abilities and enhanced maneuverability.
It also features a console, the Enhanced Fluidic Conduit Projector:
Pierce the dimensional divide that separates normal space from Fluidic Space, causing a rift that will pull in nearby foes, while releasing bioplasmic "bubbles" into the local region. By carefully modulating the energy emissions that create the rift, the user can control the volatility of these bubbles, causing them to have negative effects only on nearby foes - even those native to Fluidic Space. These negative effects will slow the target while dealing plasma damage.

A bit more ship stuff, and a whole bunch more, comes with the announcement of a new ongoing programme of events and updates to the game, in The Year of Klingon. Over the next year or more STO will be building a new Klingon story arc, and at the same time going back and improving older missions and content, with new models and gameplay improvements. Some of the first things they've done as part of that is update the classic Klingon ship models int he game. Such as seen here, the K't'inga class, and Klingon Bird of Prey:

For more Star Trek Online coverage, check back through my Online tag.

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