Wednesday 6 May 2020

Fleet Command's Borg event comes to a close with Mega Borg Cube, and Jaylah's assimilation!

Scopely have announced the finale of their months long Borg event, in the Kelvin timeline video game Fleet Command.

The final run of missions will set up an all out Borg invasion, culminating in the arrival of a "Mega Borg Cube", which obviously must be defeated!

Continue below to meet assimilated Jaylah, Borg tribbles, and check out the latest ships from the game. First though, here's come Borgy art they've been releasing to promote this:

One of the things you can get as a reward for taking part is another Borg character, Six of Ten, the assimilated Klingon Kras.

This follows a whole bunch of Borgified characters early in the Borg arc, including poor Kaylah assimilated, becoming Five of Ten.Seven of Ten. Other characters, which are all drawn from "Unimatrix Twelve", are the Romulan Decius, Eight of Ten; the Klingon Azetbur as Nine of Ten, and the Human Gonzales, Nine of Ten - You can find out about their individual abilities in a Scopely blog.

Scopely have also posted some story content about when Scotty first meets assimilated Jaylah. And they released this little animation:

Better yet, Sergey Glivich, who makes models for the game, posted a bunch of images of Borgied Jaylah on his ArtStation portfolio. Here are a few from that gallery:

Also from Glivich's ArtStation we have a closed look at the Borg Tactical Probe, introduced earlier in the Borg arc:

One other Borg update. Around April Fool's Day Scopely ran a mini event in which you could obtain a Borg tribble! Troublesome!

Finally, a look at some of the other ships from the game Scopely have been showing off on their social media recently. Check out the Romulan Pilum class, and Klingon Interceptor and Explorer:

Oh, and there's these cool little spacedock videos showing off the Saladin clas and the anti-Borg ship Vi'dar:

The Saladin class interceptor might be small, but it's perfect for dogfighting.
Posted by Star Trek Fleet Command on Saturday, 11 April 2020

Do not lower your shields or surrender your Vi'dar. It may be the best weapon you have against Borg threats.
Posted by Star Trek Fleet Command on Friday, 24 April 2020

For more coverage of Fleet Command, including earlier parts of the Borg arc, check out previous articles via my Scopely tag.

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