Friday 7 February 2020

Picard Absolute Candor trailer, and The End is the Beginning support shows

CBS have released a trailer for the next episode of Picard, Absolute Candor, which is set to introduce us to Elnor, and it seems some other Romulans. Check it out (thanks to Nación Trek for getting it online. UPDATE: Now also up on

There's also a clip from the episode in this week's episode of The Ready Room, which also has a featurette on Picard's new crew, and an interview with Michelle Hurd (aka Raffi Musiker). As ever this is also available on, Instagram, and Facebook, if you're locked out of the embedded YouTube video below:

There's also the latest episode of Deadline's Picard podcast for even more in depth discussion on the show. This week the guests are executive producers Kirsten Beyer and Alex Kurtzman, and director Hanelle M. Culpepper.

Looking back a week, CBS have released a clip from Maps And Legends, where Picard reveals his disinterest in Sci-Fi:

And finally, don't forget the first Picard soundtrack is available to download or stream, from today! You can even listen right here:

Picard is available now on CBS All Access in the US, Bell Media services in Canada, and Amazon Prime Video in most of the rest of the world.

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