Wednesday 26 February 2020

Fourth Castle planning Star Trek army-men, squishy starships, and more!

Fourth Castle, a company that under several different brands makes all manner of toys and novelty items, have revealed a wide range of new Star Trek toys and accessories at the recent New York Toy Fair - Including Star Trek army-men type figurines, squishy stress-ball like toys, and more. Continue below to see what they're planning.

One of Fourth Castle's brands is EMCE Toys (a name you might recognise as the producers of DST's Mego revival line a few years ago; an effort now handed back to the revived-itself-Mego), and they have several brands themselves. One of those is Nanoforce, a twist on the classic army-men type figurines, but using licensed characters. Star Trek is set to join this range, with several different series to be represented in forthcoming releases.

At Toy Fair they had, as reported by TrekCore on Twitter, 3D printed prototypes of their first TOS collection. This initial release will include twelve two-inch figurines, of most of the main TOS characters, plus six classic aliens. The set will also include a four-inch model of the USS Enterprise, and two-inch models of a tricorder and phaser (the latter two items were not previewed yet). Check them out, via images from TrekCore and

Nanoforce has already launched a Fallout range, which like your classic army-men factions has a limited pallet of different colours for the figurines and other items in the sets; so maybe the final form of the Star Trek sets will end up a little more colourful than these initial prototypes.

Fourth Castle had mock-up packaging to show off potential TNG and Discovery sets to also be launched alongside the TOS collection. As you can see in the artwork below (photographed by, these are very much not-final images, just there to give an idea of the extent of the range.

Also represented in artwork-only were their plans for another brand, Krusheez. These are foamy stress-ball type products, but offered in novelty licensed shapes. They had artwork showing plans for a variety of TOS and TNG characters and props, plus several cute squishy starships. Credit again to for photographing the panels.

Finally, also on display were a couple of lanyard and pin sets, again based on TOS and TNG. As lanyards go, these look pretty cool.

Makes sure you check out the and TrekCore posts for lots more images from the Toy Fair display, especially of those prototype army-men figurines.

For details of other forthcoming Star Trek toys, click the "Models, Toys, and Games" button on my 2020 schedule page.

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