Saturday 25 January 2020

CherryTree launch their Picard Borg Cube

CherryTree, makers Borg Cubes PCs (surely some sort of cunning domestic assimilation plan from the collective), have launched their latest model, the limited edition Star Trek Picard Borg Cube. This cube stands apart from its predecessors thanks to its unique design, with an inset sub-cube, and forcefield protected voids, all of which are brought to life with some fancy lighting.

The 22 by 22 inch cube is available either as just the case, or as a full PC build with a variety of different specs to choose from. According to Cherry Tree's Facebook page, the limited collector's edition cube also comes with a few extras, namely a "premium collector's edition crate", a "special edition hoodie" (the design of which is a mystery to me), and a blueprint art print of the cube.

We can see a few more views of the cube thanks to images shared by Cherry Tree on their social media. Here it is while having the finishing touches applied by hand:

A closer look at the forcefield section:

And of different colour options of that lighting. The look has changed since the first trailer, and so has the final model with the open section now within that new forcefield section, and now defaulted to green in most imagery, but as you can see here it could go other ways:

In other computery news, Star Trek Online have announced they are making the new 2399 Picard era Starfleet uniform available free to all players. You just have to log in to be able to claim it.

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