Monday 5 August 2019

New Star Trek jewellery range from Bixler

Jewellery makers Bixler have launched a large new range of Star Trek: Discovery themed jewellery, including necklaces, rings, earrings, cuffs, and cuff-links. The designs draw inspiration from iconography and props from the series, including Starfleet, Federation, Klingon, and mirror universe themed pieces. Every item in the initial range is offered in both solid silver of gold, many with diamonds too! Continue below to check out all the designs:

Some of the most unique designs in the collection are Klingon inspired, which have taken inspiration from some of the lesser seen Klingon emblems of the Klingon Houses. For instance this House of Kor emblem cuff:

And House of Mokai emblem pendant necklace:

I could almost imagine the Klingon designs being worn in-universe, much as I could see a Terran blinging up with the the Terran Empire logo ring and pendant necklace also on offer:

Possibly a first of its kind should appeal to starship detail fans, a USS Discovery dedication plaque pendant:

There's also a USS Discovery themed charm necklace in the range:

And a series of cuffs, which are available either with both "U.S.S. Discovery" and "NCC-1031" engraved, or either of those individually:

Bixler's designers seem to have a bit of a thing for the Federation logo, with numerous pieces based on it, and it does work rather well using diamonds for the stars. The emblem is offered as a pin, stud earrings, dangling earrings, a ring, cuff-links, or pendant necklace!

Of course the Starfleet delta is not short on love too. This is offered as two types of cuff-links, either on a round backing, or delta shaped:

There are also earrings, dangling or stud:

It also comes as a ring, and bracelet:

But where they've really gone to town with the delta is necklaces, with no fewer than five different pendant designs. I think the most striking draws inspiration from the Discovery split-delta, with a line of diamonds forming the split:

There are two other diamond designs, with either numerous diamonds forming the outline of the delta, or more understated a single diamond at the center of the command insignia:

And then there are two further designs that are a straightforward command emblem:

The final theme for designs is "live long and prosper", which is offered engraved onto either a ring or cuff, both featuring a V design:

All these pieces are available directly from Bixler.


  1. Allison Saying,
    I can’t say I’ve seen Star Trek, but this was such a fun post to read! Jewelers are so creative when it comes to integrating things they love together. It is nice to see what catches YOUR eye, so please continue to post more like this!