Monday 22 July 2019

QMx reveal Chekov 1:6 scale action figure

QMx have revealed the latest character to join their range of 1:6 scale Star Trek action figures, in a display at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Almost completing the main TOS crew (with Uhura still to come) we have our first look at Mr Chekov (images via the QMx Twitter):

Like the other characters in the range, at 1:6 scale this will be about twelve inches tall, and features lots of articulation, a detailed head sculpt, fabric uniform, a bunch of accessories, and a display stand. The figure on display was labelled as a prototype; so if you're not feeling it yet, there might still be changes coming before the eventual release.

Also on display (and shared by QMx on Facebook) were most of the previous releases in the series (minus the TV era Khan), the recently released Sulu and Scotty, along with Doctor McCoy, Spock, Kirk, and the captain's chair.

Spock and Kirk were the first two characters released in the series, and so have been out of production for a while now - Fortunately if you missed them, QMx have just recently announced a reissue, so you've got another chance. They expect this release to arrive in the third quarter of this year.

Also on display (images again via Facebook) were three TNG characters, all of which have been previewed before, but only Captain Picard has been released so far. He was joined by Data and La Forge this time, and Worf and Riker have been shown at previous events too.

For a look at the rest of the series so far, see my Trek Collective List.

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