Saturday 9 February 2019

New Star Trek activewear from Wild Bangarang

Wild Bangarang have launched a new range of Star Trek activewear, with an initial offering leggings, crop tops, and a skirt drawing inspiration from TOS and TNG. Continue below to check out all their designs.

There are several costume inspired pieces in their range, the most distinctive of which is a pair of Borg leggings, which transform your legs into those of a drone!

Rather more whimsically, there's a pair of TOS leggings featuring a collage of Juan Ortiz's retro poster designs:

There's just one skirt in this first wave of releases, featuring a collection of TNG era emblems:

There are several crop tops, with an unique explosive representation of the Kobayashi Maru really standing out:

On the Academy theme there's a Starfleet Academy logo crop top too:

The rest of the range makes up a series of TNG uniform styled crop tops and leggings sets, with each available in all three of the division colours:

Stepping outside this new range, if you're looking for TNG uniform activewear and want a long sleeve version instead, Fusion Fight Gear have you sorted. Available since November is the first female cut piece in their range, a blue TNG uniform rash guard, which joins the existing male-cut yellow and red versions from the original range of martial arts clothing launched in 2016.

To keep track of all the latest Star Trek clothing and accessories, kit the "Props and Clothing" button on my 2019 schedule page.

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