Friday 12 January 2018

Discovery 1x11: The Wolf Inside previews

Ahead of the release of the next episode of Discovery, The Wolf Inside, CBS have released a trailer and a bunch of stills to tease of things to come. Continue below to check them out, plus extra images from the previous episode released since it's airing.

Let's start with the trailer, that has a lot of interesting stuff going on!

So it seems Burnham and Tyler find their way to a bunch of rebels; a diverse bunch including Andorians, Vulcans, and Klingons!

Among them is Sarek, who it appears mind-melds with Burnham, perhaps to authenticate she isn't the real mirror-captain?

Meanwhile Tyler encounters, himself? Looks like Voq, presumably mirror-Voq. Note Tyler seems pretty handy with a bat'leth.

Back on the Discovery, Stamets find's Culber...

And also finds his way back to the spore drive. I wonder where they're trying to go...

Tilly doesn't look so happy with the outcome, or is this before? Note in the reflection medical staff attending to Stamets.

A planet gets pretty heavily bombarded! Maybe the same one as above?

And Burnham has cause to get her phaser out. perhaps to confront the mysterious elaborately cuffed silhouette in the corridor??

CBS have of course also released a number of official stills, showing Burnham and Lorca in the brig, Burnham on the planet, and Tilly and Saru with Stamets in sickbay.

CBS have also released a whole bunch of extra images from last week's episode, Despite Yourself. Now the mirror universe is out of the bag they've gone to town showing off the new designs:

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