Wednesday 6 December 2017

TNG uniforms for all occasions

There's been run of TNG uniform inspired clothing releases lately. Continue below to check out your uniform options for smart and casual events.

First up, by far the most stylish of the recent releases is Her Universe's new (released in September) TNG command style shift dress. This elegant two-tone piece keeps things fairly simple, with a TNG combadge cluing you in to it's design origins.

Her Universe also offer a plus size version of this design.

If you want a slightly more formal look, then Torrid, who specialise in plus size options including a range of Her Universe designs, also take inspiration from Captain Picard's uniform, in a strappy and more dominantly black version of a TNG uniform dress, which adds on the pips making it a little more obviously a costume piece. This dress was released way back last year some time.

If you're looking for something a bit (or indeed a lot) more screen accurate, then you should of course turn to Anovos, makers of higher uniform replicas. One of their latest offerings is the TNG skant uniform, with season one ripping detailing, which is available in all three department colours. They're expecting these to ship early next year.

Anovos occasionally also offer more novelty products, and the latest of those is also inspired by the season one TNG uniform; a range of T-shirts, again offered in all three department colours. These were first offered at Star Trek Las Vegas in August.

ThinkGeek have also just released TNG uniform T-shirts, in the polo style.

And released along side those, there's also a Wesley Crusher shirt.

If you need a bit more insulation, then ThinkGeek have also launched a range of TNG uniform hoodies last month, again available in all department colours. These feature a pretty unique detailing for the uniform collar.

For your casual days, there are loungers, also from ThinkGeek, complete with zip on feet and extra long sleeves. These are offered in Data style operations yellow, of Picardian command red.

Finally, this piece from Torrid and Her Universe drifts a little off from pure uniform variation, but you can certainly see in the influence in their raglan sleep tee, which was released a few months ago:

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