Saturday 16 September 2017

Loot Crate brings us mirror-Data origins comic

Loot Crate have revealed an exciting Star Trek exclusive coming in September's Loot Crate. For the first time, there will be entire Star Trek comic available only via Loot Crate (as opposed to the several previous variant covers distributed through the company). This will be Origin of Data, a prequel to the current TNG Mirror Broken series. Check out this amazing cover from J.K. Woodward:

You can also see how Woodward made this cover in a process post on his blog (here's the final without titles):

The book is written by Scott and David Tipton, who also worked on the main series, but interior art has been picked up by Josh Wood (rather than Woodward), with colour by Jason Lewis. Here's a cool looking interior page sample:

In an interview on the Loot Crate blog, the Tipton's outlined what this issue covers:
DT: What we see in the Loot Crate story is how Mirror Data first came to the Stargazer under the command of Captain Picard.
ST: Right. And within the context of the larger story, Data has been serving under Picard’s command for quite sometime, as indicated by Picard’s trust in (and occasional frustration with) his android officer.
DT: While Mirror Data is of course very similar to the Data we are accustomed to, his motivations and outlook are not necessarily the same. We see in this story what makes his origin so different, and we see the beginnings of the connections between Data and Picard that are unique to the Mirror Universe.
ST: So much of the prime Data’s origins are connected to his relationships with humanity, and none of that is in evidence here, so we were able to take it in a very new direction, which was fun.
The interview also rather interesting discusses how the comic series was born out of a wider scheme artist J.K. Woodward had developed:
The primary characters in the mirror universe were created by me months before even the idea of comic. I was working with CBS on a Mirror Universe product style guide and was given the opportunity to create the look of the universe. I took my cues primarily from the TOS episode, “Mirror, Mirror”, where the pirate/marauder aesthetic was huge. With that in mind, I tried to create an off balance, antisymmetry to every character. In short, everyone had to have an “eyepatch”. sometimes it meant scars on one side of the face or a burn, but with Data it was an ocular implant. The look inspired the origin of Data mastering the borg nanite programming and technologies to become the dangerous android he is in the Mirror Universe.
The Robotic Loot Crate, including this special prequel comic, will be available to order until the end of the 19th of September.

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