Saturday 4 March 2017

New starships Enterprise model kit set

Round 2 Models have posted a new blog giving details of their forthcoming USS Enterprise model kit set. For the first time the set includes models of every Enterprise from the NX-01 through to the NCC-1701-E at the same scale, 1:2500. Most of these are reissues of previous Cadet Series kits, but the NX-01 is brand new for this release. Continue below for more details.

This is something of a dream set for Star Trek modelling newbies, as all seven ships come molded in the appropriate colour for their hull, and come with sets of decals to finish them off to perfection (just a few dabs of paint will be requires to pick out details like nacelle caps and deflectors). They're all snap together kits too, so require no glue, and come with display bases.

The set is expected to be released in April. Meanwhile, just out last month if the reissue of the Polar Lights refit USS Enterprise 1:350 scale kit. The new release features colourful new box art:

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