Monday 30 January 2017

Kubros Captain Picard out now

Mega Construx, the new name for the range of construction toys previously know as Mega Bloks, have released their third series of Kubros figures, and within their third Star Trek Kubros figure, Captain Picard. Continue below to check him out:

Picard is only the second TNG set in the recent Mega Bloks Star Trek releases, following the previous Kubros Worf figure. At the moment no further Star Trek sets have been announced, and disconcertingly the Star Trek Mega Bloks website has vanished since the Mega Construx rebrand...

However the Mega Construx Twitter is continuing to promote their Star Trek sets. Here's an interesting image recently posting, showing a draft model of the USS Enterprise set. As described:
Did you know that the #MegaConstrux design team first make their builds using colored bricks, before deciding on a color scheme?

For a look at the entire Mega Bloks Star Trek range, check out my Trek Collective List.

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