Wednesday 30 November 2016

First Star Trek: Discovery cast announced

The first three members of the Star Trek: Discovery cast have been announced. The news confirms the rumour of Michelle Yeoh as captain of the starship Shenzhou (although named Georgiou rather than Han Bo), plus two members of the USS Discovery crew, including confirmation of the previously rumoured new alien, Lieutenant Saru. CBS have released brief character descriptions of all three:

 Michelle Yeoh will star as “Captain Georgiou,” the Starfleet Captain aboard the Starship Shenzhou.
Yeoh is probably best known for her role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and its recent sequel. She has also appeared in manye other films, including the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, and a few TV roles, including Marco Polo.

Doug Jones will star as “Lt. Saru,” a Starfleet Science Officer and a new alien species to the Star Trek universe.
Jones is no stranger it playing aliens and other roles involving prosthetics, with various roles in TV series including Falling Skies, The Strain, The Outer Limits, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and movies including Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy.

Anthony Rapp will star as “Lt. Stamets,” an astromycologist, fungus expert, and Starfleet Science Officer aboard the Starship Discovery.
Rapp is apparently best known for his stage roles, including being part of the original cast of Rent, which he later reprised for the movie version. His other TV and film roles include A Beautiful Mind.

Star Trek: Discovery is due to start in May next year, it will be distributed almost everywhere in the world on Netflix, except for the US where is will be available on CBS All Access, and Canada where it will be on Bell Media channels and services. To keep track of all the latest details from the new show, visit my Star Trek: Discovery guide page.

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