Thursday 21 July 2016

Star Trek Beyond opening weekend posters

Paramount have revealed (via Collider and /Film) three new Star Trek Beyond poster designs, produced in conjunction with Gallery 1988, which will be given away at a variety of cinema chains over the opening weekend, with a total of eight different variants to be found!

Matt Taylor designed the Spock in action poster which will be offered at IMAX screenings in the Cinemark chain.

A green and red variant of this was also given to those who attended the IMAX version of the three movie marathon screening at AMC Theatres, ahead of the US general release.

Meanwhile Jeffrey Everett produced an image of the USS Enterprise, complete with a little bridge crew gathered at the viewscreen/port. This will be produced in four different colours, with the green version most widely distributed, available at 3D screenings at lots of chains: B and B Theatres, Celebration Cinemas, Cobb Theatres, Frank Theatres, Galaxy Theatres, Kerasotes Theatres, Santikos Theatres, Southern Theatres, UltraStar Cinemas, and Wehrenberg Theatres!

A red version will be given out at Cinemark RealD 3D screenings, purple comes from Carmike Cinemas, and blue at "premium large format" (aka, not IMAX) screenings of the AMC Theatres marathon.

My favourite of the batch also comes from Jeffrey Everett, a similar rendering of the USS Franklin. A yellow version of this will be at Arclight Cinemas, or if you prefer it in green you'll need to head to Showcase.

There's no news of these being available outside the US, but there was a similar promotion around the release of Into Darkness, and those posters did find there way to UK cinemas too, so I wouldn't be too surprised if the same was true this time.

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