Sunday 19 June 2016

QMx's 1/6 scale Kirk and Spock, now with extra accessories

QMx have announced the full details of their forthcoming sixth scale Captain Kirk and Spock action figures, including news of exclusive versions with extra accessorises, and loads of new images. Continue below for all the details.

Both figures feature unnervingly realistic head sculpts, a diverse assortment of hands to allow many different situations to be recreated, and cloth uniforms. Both also come with a delta shaped base, a utility belt, hand-phaser, and communicator. The standard Kirk also includes a tablet and stylus.

If you order the exclusive version directly from QMx you will also get a phaser rifle.

The standard Spock figure comes with a tricorder instead of the tablet.

And the QMx exclusive version comes with a Vulcan lyre!

Here are some more shots of the two together:


  1. Amazing how life-like the head sculpts, and the hand configurations are.

  2. They look great! Cept all the details left out an important one....How Much $$?

    1. $179.95 each. Click on the character name in the first paragraph of the article. It will take you to the order page.