Wednesday 2 March 2016

Preview pages from Star Trek: The Classic UK Comics

Due out in April from IDW's Library of American Comics is one of the most exciting and long-awaited Star Trek books, the first volume of The Classic UK Comics, reprinting for the first time the rare UK comic strips from the 1960s and 70s.

Like their US contemporaries, the Gold Key Comics, the UK strips take some occasionally unusual takes on Star Trek, and present what now seems a very retro sci-fi take on the series. They also feature some gorgeous and lavish artwork.

Thanks to Amazon's Look Inside feature we already have several preview pages from this book, comprising the first three two-page spreads from the first story in the book. This particular story sees the Enterprise visit a planet of robots, and indeed landing on that planet, as you can see in the second spread. Continue below to check it out:

Also included in Amazon's preview is Rich Handley's introduction from the book, with a lovely old advert inset into the text.

And we can also see the back-cover, with a smattering of panels from the strips highlighted:

This first volume of The Classic UK Comics is due out in April, and is available to pre-order from many places, including the following online retailers:,,,,,,,, Things From Another World, Forbidden Planet.

This new book follows the two-book release of the similarly obscure US newspaper comics, published a few years ago. You can get an overview of the entire Star Trek comic strip omnibus series in my latest Trek Collective List.

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