Sunday 13 March 2016

Force and Motion cover

Due out in June is Force and Motion, a new Deep Space Nine novel from Jeffrey Lang, which is due to feature Chief Miles O'Brian, Nog, and O'Brian's former captain, Benjamin Maxwell. have now revealed the cover, which is not credited, but looks like a Doug Drexler creation to me:

I wonder what all that swirly sparkling stuff is up to - We'll find out in a few months. Here's a reminder of the blurb:
In 2367, Captain Benjamin Maxwell of the starship Phoenix ordered the destruction of a Cardassian warship and a supply vessel, killing more than six hundred crew members. Maxwell believed that the Cardassians were arming for a new attack on the Federation, and though history eventually proved he was probably correct, the Federation had no choice but to court martial and incarcerate him.

Almost twenty years have passed, and now Maxwell is a free man, working as a maintenance engineer on the private science station Robert Hooke, home to crackpots, fringe researchers, and, possibly, something much darker and deadlier. Maxwell’s former crewmate, Chief Miles O’Brien, and O’Brien’s colleague, Lieutenant Commander Nog, have come for a visit. Unfortunately, history has proven that whenever O’Brien and Nog leave Deep Space 9 together, unpredictable forces are set into motion…
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