Thursday 3 December 2015

Cosy Trek stuff for all seasons

You can stay snug and warm at home in winter, or ready for the beach in the summer, with the latest Star Trek soft furnishings. Continue below for quirky new cushions, towels, and fabrics. And first, new from ThinkGeek, is the USS Enterprise-D rug:

The next generation to their previous TOS rug, this one ups the ante by being a more interesting shape than a plain old rectangle. Although if you do like your quadrilaterals, you're in luck, as they've also released a Borg Cube rug (ThinkGeek are really into the Borg lately!):

Here they both are in situ, for some idea of scale:

Those sofa scenes could be much improved with the new prop cushions from The Robe Factory, they have oversized soft versions of the TOS phaser and TOS tricorder:

If you'd rather be lounging in the sun than at home, then another ThinkGeek offering should help you make sure you've got Trek in your life, even when you've boldly gone on holiday. They have two new beach towels available featuring the Enterprises of TOS or TNG:

Back at home a more luxuriant towel set also comes from ThinkGeek, in collaboration with the Borg Collective:

Finally, if you fancy making some cushions, curtains, shirts, or satuals of your own, look no further than Camelot Fabrics. A couple of years ago they launched a range of Star Trek print fabrics, and this year they revisited the line, expanding it with many new TNG and TOS designs.

You can see all sorts of potential projects you could make with these, or just get things others have made, on Etsy.

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