Saturday, 28 November 2015

Another glowing Borg Cube!

Just days after revealing their paper lantern Borg Cube, ThinkGeek are back with another glowing illuminated cube. This one, which they describe as a "glowing chair", has a bit more to offer though: A more robust plastic build, the fifteen-and-a-half inch Borg Cube light is powered by an internal battery (which lasts for eight hours), so it can be placed where-ever you see fit, and is strong enough to sit on, or use as a foot-stall, as well as being a light source. While you would surely only ever want it to glow green, it can also be remotely controlled to glow in sixteen different colours, at different brightness levels, and can even strobe or fade between colours - Perfect for your next Borg disco...

If you like you're glowing cubes, check out my Borg Cube model list, which including this latest release, features no less than seven different Borg Cube models with some sort of illumination feature!

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