Monday 13 October 2014

Star Trek Metal Earth model kits

Due out in the coming weeks is the new series of Metal Earth Star Trek model kits from Fascinations. There are four designs in this initial wave, each delivered on two laser etched and cut steel sheets, ready to be assembled into impressively detailed metal models. Fascinations have now updated their website with preview galleries of all four designs, including three-hundred-and-sixty degree views of the models. Continue below for a good look at all four designs.

The most impressive model of this assortment, to my eyes, is the Klingon Bird of Prey, which seems to have translated very successfully into this format of model making:

Paired with the Bird of Prey is the original USS Enterprise, which being a much curvier design I image was quite challenging to produce like this:

There are also a pair of twenty-fourth century ships, with the Klingon Vor'cha's angular design also working very nicely with crisp steel detailing:

And finally the USS Enterprise-D finishes the set. One slightly odd thing that can be seen on these new images is that the D appears to have the bridge-side phaser cannons from the All Good Things... rendition of the ship.

Fascinations have also posted images of both Enterprise's as they come in the pack, as flat sheets, which gives a nice idea of what lays ahead for model makers with these kits:

In fact if you visit the Fascinations site you can also find the instruction manuals for all four models (if you want to prepare yourself in advance), as well as even more images of each design. And you can pre-order all four via Entertainment Earth.

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  1. the cannons ( ? ) at the top of the NCC 1701D saucer section , what are they?