Wednesday 27 August 2014

Compendium rebate

Out next month is Star Trek: The Compendium, the new bluray release of both nuTrek films, which will include the IMAX version of Into Darkness, and all the extra features that were previously sprinkled around different retailer exclusive releases (plus a couple of new ones).

If you already have these films, you might be a bit perturbed at having to buy them again to get the complete Into Darkness experience, which is why Paramount have set up a rebate. If you go, here, and download a form to mail in, Paramount will reunite you with five dollars, as long as you've bought a bluray version of either of the films before.

It appears this offer is only open to US residents, and indeed The Compendium is only going on sale in North America. The rest of the world might be able to track down the apparently region free release, but maybe we'll also get our own versions of the complete Into Darkness bluray release some time later.

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