Sunday 27 July 2014

Trekwear: Her Universe's Geek Couture, and more

This week at the San Diego Comic Con, Her Universe showed off "Geek Couture" at their fashion show, with fandom fashion on the catwalk. Lots of popular sci-fi series were referenced in designs for the show, including, of course, Star Trek. The mirror universe was the inspiration for Laura E. Desch's design "Starfleet's Finest", a take on mirror-Kirk, modelled by Michele Morrow. Here's's photo of the outfit:

Michele Morrow also posted this image on her Facebook page, showing her with Laura Desch, and highlighting the beehive hairdo, and golden make-up, by Anissa Emily.

You can see much more from the Geek Couture show thanks to Popsugar's coverage, where you'll find designs based on various comic-book super-heroes, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and many more geeky inspirations. My favourite is this fantastic Doctor Who scarf dress:

Continue after the jump for more of the latest Trekwear:

Also displayed at the fashion show are some of Her Universe's forthcoming regular releases, including a new Star Trek sweater which appears to be based on the TNG uniform. posted this image.

Elsewhere at Comic Con, Mighty Fine offered a limited edition T-shirt (just two-hundred available), featuring a cosplaying Spock:

Also at Comic Con are Anovos, makers of high quality replica uniforms. They were showing off their prototype for a First Contact uniform. were also behind a give-away at the convention, offering starship image dog-tags at the booths of various licensees.

Finally, ThinkGeek have recently added several new Star Trek T-shirts to their range, including a Starfleet delta made of ships, an Enterprise boldly going, and a Kobayashi Maru survivors shirts:

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