Wednesday 16 July 2014

IDW's October Star Trek comics

IDW have released their October solicitations, and it's another bummer month for Star Trek releases, with three new issues, and an omnibus on the way:

Star Trek (nuTrek ongoing) #38: The Q Gambit, Part 4
Written by Mike Johnson, with art and cover by Tony Shasteen, or a subscription variant photo-cover
The STAR TREK event of 2014 continues in Part 4 of “The Q Gambit!” Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise find themselves in a true no-win scenario thanks to the mischievous Q! Trapped in a dark future, at the mercy of the mighty Dominion, this adventure might prove to be their last! Don't miss this all-new story produced in association with STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!

Harlan Ellison's The City on the Edge of Forever, The Original Teleplay, Part 5
Written by Harlan Ellison, Scott Tipton, and David Tipton, with art by J.K. Woodward. Cover by Juan Ortiz, or subscription variant cover by Paul Shipper.
The final act of Harlan Ellison’s Hugo and WGA Award-winning Star Trek teleplay! Is James T. Kirk willing to sacrifice the woman he loves, to save the universe as he knows it?! You may have seen the episode, but you only think you know how it ends! From the mind of literary legend Harlan Ellison!

New Visions #3: Cry Vengeance
Written, photo-manipulated, and cover by John Byrne.
John Byrne continues his new Star Trek photonovel adventures with two tales for the price of one, as the crew of the Starship: Enterprise faces a menace three millions years in the making, plus something more recent but no less deadly. Presenting a follow-up to the classic episode "The Doomsday Machine," as well as “Robot,” a brand-new tale of murder and mystery.

New Visions omnibus
Written, photo-manipulated, and cover by John Byrne.
John Byrne presents all-new TOS episodes like you've never seen them before! Including the 2013 photonovel Annual, “Strange New Worlds,” as well as the feature-length stories “The Mirror Cracked,” and "Time’s Echo"–done in all-new fumetti style by one of the greatest living comic book artists!

Note the alien face among the many heads on this omnibus, perhaps a look at something to come in Time's Echo next month.

For details of all this years comics, and links to previous coverage, hit the "comics" button on the schedule page.

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