Wednesday 18 June 2014

Star Trek Uglydolls

Pretty Ugly have announced a new licensing deal to bring Star Trek to their Uglydoll brand. Built upon a myriad of quirky characters the Uglydolls range includes plushes, keychains, books, and all manner of other toys, and apparel.

So far have revealed how the Uglydoll characters will be transformed into TOS versions of themselves: Wave as Captain Kirk, Ox as Spock, Ice-Bat as Scotty, Babo as Doctor McCoy, and Tray as Uhura. The sixth character bellow was posted by Toysrevil, and I believe is the Uglydoll character Jeero, possibly as Sulu.

Star Trek wont be the first licensed variation of the Uglydolls, they already do DC Comics, Universal Monsters, KISS, and Hello Kitty. Based on those properties, I would anticipate we will see at the very least plushes and keychains of these new Star Trek versions. Indeed plush versions of the first five characters have already been seen on display at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo (again via Toysrevil):

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