Sunday 8 June 2014

Book bits: The More Things Change, photo-comics, and Klingon Hamlet

More books news! This month sees the release of the latest ebook novella, Scott Pearson's post-The Motion Picture story, The More Things Change. The cover for this has now been released (which, consistent with the other recent ebooks, is ship in space job), and Amazon have a blurb, revealing a guest star:

Six months after the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Doctor Christine Chapel and Spock must save the life of an ailing Audrid Dax, her true nature as a Trill having remained a mystery until now. But after an unknown vessel attacks their shuttle, a risky game of cat-and-mouse may be the only way to save all their lives.

In a completely different approach to TOS, John Byrne has been previewing more of the virtual sets he has been creating for his New Visions photo-comic series. Here's his new Jefferies-esque corridor:

It seems to me more and more than half the battle is in the color. I keep having to push myself to go for the bright pastels -- like that PINK. It really just makes the picture, I think.

Incidentally, for those who pay attention to such things, there is very little actual surface color in this model. The yellowish door in the foreground, and the red onein the rear. The overhead units in red, the black floor panel and wall dividers, and a slight glow on the "window" at left. The rest is all "painting with light," with colored bulbs and couple of spotlights. The latter are to cast those distinctive shadows.

The model itself, tho, is mostly the pale grey of the "plastic" building material -- as seen on the wall more or less dead center in the image. 
 And here's a Klingon bridge:

...spent some time yesterday tweaking the Klingon bridge I built for "The Mirror, Cracked." In the current issue I'm working on, it will appear as the bridge of a different ship, so I wanted it to be the same, but different.
Finally news from Germany. Continuing from the recent announcements of German translations of The Klingon Art of War, and A Very Klingon Kristmas, coming later this year, Cross Cult have now revealed they will also be doing a German/Klingon release of Hamlet, which was first translated from the original Klingon into English, back in 2000. Thanks to Jens Deffner to pointing me towards this one.

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  1. The "painting with light" thing is very accurate to what Jerry Finnerman did with the TOS sets. Beautiful -and- cost-effective. Those are really interesting renders!