Tuesday 16 July 2013

The Enterprise's demise at the Guardian of Forever

A few months ago I posted some awesome concept art for a fantasy new Star Trek animated series, created by artist Peter Markowski, who has worked on several real animated series for Warner Brothers. Markowski has been a bit busy lately, with little distractions like having a baby and getting a job with Lego! But he's returned to his Star Trek project with style today, depicting two new landing party scenes. First up, the Enterprise's latest encounter with the Guardian of Forever hasn't quite gone to plan:

Then there's a mission to planet with a classical connection:

Be sure to go check out Markowski's blog for lots more Star Trek art, or have a look at his portfolio to see his work on animations including The Green Lantern and El Dorado.

Now if CBS could just prise him away from Lego, this needs to become a reality...


  1. This guy's artwork is amazing. An animated nuTrek series would, imho, be the best option for a show connected to the new movies. I'm sure you could get most, if not all of the cast to voice their characters. Would certainly be easier than trying to get them all to commit to a live-action series anyways. Not sure if this is what he was going for, but the second one gives me a "Who Mourns for Adonais?" vibe.

  2. I get exactly the same vibe, and would be more than happy to see that episode revisited if it looked that pretty!

    The advantage of a nuTrek animated series would also be if the cast didn't want to commit to a TV series, you could recast the voices while keeping the characters (a la Clone Wars)

  3. Again, thank you so much for the Links and the Love! today i also got reblogged here:
    I really hope this all goes somewhere!