Tuesday 16 July 2013

QMx reveals its high end USS Vengeance replica

QMx has updated its website with a listing for their forthcoming artisan replica of the USS Vengeance. The 1:1600 scale model is almost a meter long, the largest replica starship in their range so far. Like all the artisan replicas, the Vengeance is hand-built by a team of talented modellers; it apparently takes six artisans two-hundred hours for each ship (and unlike Section 31, they manage it without assistance from an augment). The model comes with a mirrored display base, to make viewing it from all angles a little easier, and features light and sounds effects, using one-hundred LEDS, including warp, impulse, weapons, and running lights, all of which can be remote controlled. QMx also offer a customisation service - I wonder if they'd be willing to build it crashing into a partially crumpled skyscraper... If you want one of these dreadnoughts you'll need to have almost ten-thousand dollars to spare! Check her out.

UPDATE: The nice people at QMx have sent me higher resolution versions of the photos, click to enjoy a closer look:

If you're not feeling quite rich enough to get this particular ship, QMx are also planning a collector's model, which should offer another super accurate representation of the ship, but without any of the fancy features, and somewhat smaller, for something around the one-hundred dollar mark. If that's still to rich, there's always the Hot Wheels version, or the forthcoming Kre-O rendition.

In other QMx news, they have released their latest Trekkies comic strip, this time featuring the Gorn:

The first batch of Trekkies figurines will be available for the first time at the San Diego Comic Con, along with a limited edition mirror-Spock. QMx have released a few more images of the latter, showing him from all angles, have a look (after the jump):


  1. Ouch! Ten thousand bucks. I found the Vengeance interesting, despite all the illogical stuff about it. Yes, it's a warship but a really big warship makes an easy target, and it's black, as if sensors won't be able to detect and see it. What, no cloaking device technology yet, huh?
    I'd love a book like the old technical manuals from Trek's past with details about all these "new" starships...

  2. I'm totally on board with the tech manual you suggest Eric! With all the new non-fiction books lately I'm constantly surprised we haven't had something like that already!