Wednesday 31 July 2013

Comics bits: Deadly alliances, hot stuff, and Khan

A few bits of comics news: Starting with J.K. Woodward's latest Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover art, which will be available with super exclusive IDW Limited releases of the Assimilation2 crossover series. Woodward posted some of the artwork he has been making, on his blog, including new images such as the latest encounter with the scarily forgettable Silence-Borg, and what is surely the the super cute deadly alliance at the center of the next crossover series: 

Out last week was the latest issue in the ongoing series, After Darkness, Part Three. Here's the cover, and a three page preview (via Comixology), which sees some exciting Vulcan action in a volcano:

Amazon have now added a cover for the After Darkness omnibus, which will contain the three-part After Darkness story, and the forthcoming Gorn one-shot. As one might expect it appears they'll be using the cover art from the first issue in the omnibus.

In other cover news, Paul Shipper, who is doing the covers for the forthcoming Khan prequel series, has posted his artwork for the first issue. Below is the cover for the first issue, without the titles, if you make your way to his portfolio you can see all the elements he used to create this:

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