Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Captain Kirk: Rock Star

The title of this post may be more exciting than the subject: A couple of months ago Diamond Select Toys released what I consider one of the most tediously odd Star Trek products ever - The USS Enterprise rock art plaque. That is, a slab of rock with a picture of the Enterprise "painstakingly emblazoned" upon it. Well it seems someone liked the thing, as now DST have announced a second Star Trek rock, this time it comes with a picture of Captain Kirk on it:

You can look forward to Captain Kirk on a rock early next year.


  1. I think these were an interesting idea. Not quite sure they're worth the thirty to thirty-five bucks they cost, but they're certainly an interesting idea. If they do any more past this I imagine the next one will be Spock. Depending on the image used, I would most likely be interested in one of Bones.

  2. Just seems like a gimmick to sell standard promo shots at a premium price to me. If I want a picture of the Enterprise I'd a) pick a more unique representation (one of the Bye Bye Robot art posters for example) and b) not want it on a rock...

  3. Yeah, posters/prints are definitely preferred over these. Though finding decent frames for them can be annoying. However, for my favorite character, Bones, I would at least be tempted.