Friday 21 June 2013

More little ships

Earlier in the year Hot Wheels added something different to their Star Trek range, a much smaller scale model of the nuTrek USS Enterprise, offered as part of their toy car range. Hot Wheels release several series of these smaller scale toys each year, and, as T-Hunted report, the latest releases again have a USS Enterprise, mixed in with all the toy cars; this time it's a battle damaged variant of the same model. Brazilian website Seeman posted an image in their listing for it:

UPDATE: A toy car blog called The Lamley Group has posted an exhaustive set of photos of this new model. Here's one, you'll find a view from just about every other angle you could imagine, on The Lamley Group.

The previously released larger scale damaged nuEnterprise
The pattern of damage is unfortunately not based on the extensive destruction dealt to the Enterprise in Into Darkness, but is quite similar to Hot Wheels' previously released larger scale battle damaged variant of the nuEnterprise - The saucer damage appears to be exactly the same, while the nacelles have different scorch patterns on this smaller edition.

These smaller Hot Wheels toys seem to be quite widely distributed, so I would expect the new battle damaged mini-Enterprise to be popping up all over the world in the next few weeks.

In other little ships news, The Official Starships Collection Facebook page recently announced they have got official confirmation that they are allowed to go ahead with plans to include nuTrek ships in their range of model starships. They plan to have "Special Editions" of the magazines to launch them. At the moment it's not wholly clear what they mean by that; whatever form the release takes it will be great to have models of the nuTrek ships, accompanied by some of the first written information on their designs and in-universe functions.

The Official Starships Collection also posted this image of the USS Prometheus, to demonstrate how they are using the original CGI models from the productions to build the models for manufacture of the little ships:


  1. I still haven't found a single one of the non-battle damaged mini Enterprise. I really DON'T want this crappy "battle-damaged" version...

  2. Battle damaged or not the small ones look rather crude to me. The only thing that will tempt me to get one, is if I ever find a Vengeance model at a reasonable price, they would be almost in scale.

  3. I already have the Hot Wheels Vengeance (pre-ordered a case of the four new ships), and I'd absolutely love to have the mini Enterprise to display next to it. Problem is I, and everyone I talk to, can't seem to find all...

  4. There seem to be plenty on offer on Amazon (surprisingly none on eBay!)? Admittedly at crazy prices for such a diddly model, but there if you Really want it.

  5. I can't find them at any local U.S. stores. They have the rest of the imagination line but not the Enterprise!