Friday 28 June 2013

Blow up the USS Enterprise!

Those innovative people at ThinkGeek are at it again. If you weren't content to imagine commanding your own starship from your inflatable captain's chair, they might have the answer for you, as you can now blow up an entire starship. The inflatable Enterprise maintains structural integrity via air pressure, input through a docking port in the engineering hull, which might also ideal for launching tiny crew-members to board enemy ships; with a squeeze of the ship, giving a high pressure gas exhaust release. Starfleet has also had loops built into the hull, so you can hang it for display. You might also find it handy for playing practical jokes on Romulans...


  1. That's actually pretty sweet. Would make for a good decoration for a kids room...or as an additional TOS Enterprise for my collection, lol... There are a good several things over on their site I would love to one day buy. Most especially the bat'leth letter opener and cookie cutters.

  2. Well, just be careful if you get their tribble slippers too. You might find your little bat'leth instinctively tries to wipe out your verminous footwear!