Tuesday 23 April 2013

Look what you can make with the Star Trek Craft Book

Having recently skipped up the schedule a couple of months, the new Star Trek Craft Book, by Angie Perdersen, is now due out at the end of this month! StarTrek.com have posted some images of the things you'll be able to make with the book's instruction. Here is, naturally, Spock the monkey!:

There's also a brilliant googly eyed Khan finger puppet:

A home-made Trek classic, the humble tribble:

And a perfect distraction to keep the Tellarite ambassador quiet, "diplomatic cupcake toppers":

If you're a crafty Trekkie, watch out for the Star Trek Cross-Stich book coming next month too, and check out my list of creative Star Trek books, there are a surprising number of them!


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  2. Thanks for sharing about my book! I hope you have fun with it!

  3. Always happy to give Trek stuff a plug, especially the quirkier things :)