Tuesday 30 April 2013

Details of new Star Trek bobble-heads

At the Toy Fair in February, Bif Bang Pow had a mock-up on display of their planned TNG bridge crew bobble head series. Now Entertainment Earth had added listings, still using mock-up images, giving us the first details of this collection. Here's their description, which details how the entire bridge will be delivered over several months:
This very special series of 8 Star Trek Build-a-Bridge Deluxe Bobble Heads connect together to form the bridge of the USS Enterprise! Made of resin, each stands about 7-inches tall, including the base piece, and bears a remarkable likeness to the actor who played the part in the Next Generation TV show. A new bobble in the series will be introduced by Bif Bang Pow! each month for eight months. Don't miss a single one!

The first in the series, Wesley Crusher, will apparently be an Entertainment Earth/Comic Convention exclusive. That's due in July, followed by Riker, LaForge, and Worf. There aren't listings up yet for the rest, but they will of course be Picard, Data, Troi, and Crusher.

Also listed on Entertainment Earth are three TOS bobble heads, Kirk, Spock, and Khan, all based on The Wrath of Khan, are all expected in August.

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