Monday 15 April 2013

Comic bits: Seeking old strips, and the best of Klingons

Last year, IDW's Library of American Comics began something very special, with the release of Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics, Volume One - The first of four planned books which will reprint, in brilliantly high quality, the long lost, and often forgotten, comic strips published in newspapers in the US, and magazines in the UK. The Library of American Comics are now at work on part two of the US strips collection, and are looking for help filling some gaps in their collection. Comic collector and author Rich Handley sent this appeal to TrekWeb:
In December 2012, LOAC published Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics, Volume 1: 1979-1981, reprinting the first 10 L.A. Times Syndicate strips by Thomas Warkentin, Sharman DiVono and Ron Harris ( In creating that first volume, we worked hard to find the highest-quality strips available. Now we're preparing Volume 2, and we're on the lookout once more. We've already located all of the strips from the second batch of 10 stories, but are reaching out to the fan community in the hope of finding higher-quality versions of some of them. If you have any of the actual dailies (the original strips, rather than photocopied versions) published between February 1982 and January 1983, and would be willing to lend them for scanning purposes (or provide high-resolution scans), please contact editor Dean Mullaney at Thank you for your assistance. With your help, we can continue presenting these lost gems in the best light possible.
Elsewhere in IDW, work is under-way preparing another reprint: Amazon have added a listing for Best of Klingons, an omnibus book coming in September which will collect together IDW's own Klingons: Blood Will Tell, and the first four issues of DC Comic's first TOS series. Here's the Amazon blurb:
Sharpen your bat'leth and prepare for war in this collection of unforgettable Klingon tales from the Star Trek universe. Including the original 4-part DC start to The Original Series as well as the 6-issue Klingons: Blood Will Tell series by Scott and David Tipton, this volume is more fun than is allowed by Klingon law!
IDW actually planned a Best of Klingons omnibus back in 2009, as part of their Archives series of omnibuses. That book, which was ultimately cancelled, was also to include the first four DC TOS comics, as well as the next two comics after (the same content as the previous Titan Books omnibus, To Boldly Go). The cover presented here is from the cancelled Best of Klingons book.

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