Wednesday 20 March 2013

TOS Kre-O set with Star Trek video game pre-orders!

Game Stop have announced an additional pre-order bonus for Star Trek: The Video Game (beside the in-game weapons and uniforms pack), in the form of the first prime-timeline Star Trek Kre-O construction set. As long as you are a member of their PowerUp Rewards loyalty scheme (which is free to join), you'll receive a mini TOS USS Enterprise Kre-O set and a "collectible poster" with pre-orders of the game. Here's the little ship that can be yours:

This "bonus" set appears to be about the same size as the range of micro build starships in the main Kre-O range. Check out my article looking at the official images of the whole range, as well as photos from the Toy Fair. And to keep up to date with everything about Star Trek: The Video Game and other Star Trek Into Darkness tie-ins, keep an eye on my Star Trek Into Darkness guide page.


  1. That's...REALLY cool looking. It's too bad I won't be pre-ordering the game...or buying it at all. It does look like an interesting game, but I don't own any of the systems needed to play it, and won't for a good while...if at all. That said, maybe this will see a release elsewhere?...maybe?...probably not?...

  2. Hard to say, the Lego video game bonus sets don't tend to get released separately. But, different companies, may do different things. If you really like it I'm sure it will pop up on the secondary market :)

    Or you could get the more widely released nuTrek Enterprise minikit, which is quite similar!

  3. Yeah, secondary market will be my best bet for getting it. As for the nuTrek Enterprise minikit, it's already on my "to-get" list. Along with the other three minikits they announced. That said, I still want to get this too. Similar, but still different enough to catch my interest.