Sunday 10 March 2013

New 2014 calendar back covers

Amazon has updated its listings for several of the 2014 Star Trek calendars, with new back cover images. I'm sure at least some of these aren't final, as best demonstrated by the Star Trek Into Darkness calendar, which doesn't have an image in one month! What images there are seem to be a jumble of promo images released to date, so hopefully the final version will have something a little more unique to offer, and perhaps a slightly more consistent presentation:

The TOS calendar has also been updated; a few of the images have changed months, while others have been swapped out for different images altogether from those seen on the first back cover image for this calendar:

The engagement calendar has a new back cover image as well, which explains the origins of Juan Ortiz's TOS retro poster artwork which will feature in this one:

Nothing new for any of the other 2014 calendars yet, although I know the deadline for artists on Ships of the Line is imminent, so hopefully we'll start seeing what they've created soon!

For those of you who just cant wait to plan your next year, the English language calendars from Universe Publishing will be available from August, while Germany lives up to its reputation for efficiency, with the release of the 2014 Star Trek wandkalender, from Panini, in May! Pre-orders for all the 2014 Star Trek calendars so far announced:


  1. In the early days, the TOS wall calendar was fun and exciting. Then, a couple of years into it, the photos were of no one but the main seven actors, with maybe a Nurse Chapel thrown in occasionally. And from that moment on, they were bland and boring and I stopped collecting them. Every year I'd pick them up, look at the photos, realize they were all the same seven actors -- just like last year -- and move on. That's why I'm shocked, shocked!, to find guest stars pictured on this back cover ... and not just one, but three! A TOS wall calendar with a different set of faces on it than we've seen for the past couple decades? That can't possibly be true -- surely they will change it back before this goes to print. I'd love it if it turns out to be true, but I will believe it when I see it in my hands.

  2. Nice observation! More exotic characters or not I cant get past that it's just screencaps from the episodes. I love Ships of the Line for the new artwork. Would love to see some sort of alien based art calendar too, could call it "First Contacts" or something, each month a different alien encounter. At least the engagement calendar is using some newish art I suppose.