Thursday 7 March 2013

Clocks, cups, and pens!

Last month Underground Toys previewed some of their forthcoming Star Trek clocks at the Toy Fair. Now thanks to the catalogue of the UK distributor, Zeon, and the latest pre-orders on Entertainment Earth, I can show you a few more, as well as some of the other Star Trek goodies they have on the way.

The jewel in the crown of their line has to be the impressive USS Enterprise projection alarm clock, which has a digital clock built into the side of the engineering section, as well as a projection clock coming out of the bridge dome:

Their Starfleet delta clock also has a light effect, projecting a back-light onto the wall it's hung on, leaving the delta in silhouette in the dark.

There are a variety of novelty watch designs:

Moving on to more household items, and it seems Underground Toys are playing in similar territory to Westland Giftware with their mugs using a Starfleet delta as a handle:

They are also offering character sculpted mugs, and again like Westland a character shaped cookie jar, in this case Spock:

They have a few extra features in some of their designs, the transporter room mug here uses a heat reveal design, so when you have a hot drink in the mug a landing party beams in. The comic book art mug meanwhile will have some sort of built in sound feature (another idea Westland have already tried):

Slightly less innovative are these coffee cups with lids, featuring the TOS uniform colours:

They are also planning to do little tins of mints. Look closely, it appears they are planning to do the mints in the delta shapes as tiny deltas! Cool!

Finally they're doing some of those pens with floaty bits in! I don't like to think how many hours of my life I spent playing with my old Enterprise-D ones of these!

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