Wednesday 20 February 2013

First look at On Board the USS Enterprise's virtual tour

TrekCore have posted stills from the new CD-ROM virtual tour coming with the new On Board the Enterprise book, which is due out next month, but has now started shipping. TrekCore report the tour works using browser based software (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc). Here are some views of Tobias Richter's new CGI interiors of the USS Enterprise-D:


You can see several sample pages from the accompanying book in my previous report.

In other non-fiction news, have launched a competition to win copies of Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary, and in doing so have relased one more preview page from that book:

Finally, Amazon have added a listing for a paperback version of Federation: The First 150 Years. Coming without the giant plastic pedestal of the hardcover edition, it will be a bit cheaper (and easier to store...), and is due out in October.

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