Sunday 3 February 2013

DS9 Soundtrack Collection coming soon

TrekCore have confirmed the imminent release of the latest in the new wave of Star Trek soundtracks; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Soundtrack Collection, coming from La La Land Records on February 12th. Here's the cover:

The four six set will include music from across the series. Each disc is themed:
  • Disc one features music by Dennis McCarthy, with cues from many episodes, including "Duet", "The Circle", "The Die is Cast", and "Far Beyond the Stars".
  • Disc two focuses on the music of Jay Chattaway, including cues from "The Search", "Call to Arms", "The Changing Face of Evil", and more.
  • Disc three, titled "New Recruits" focuses on the many guest composers that contributed to the series, with music by John Debney, Richard Bellis, David Bell, Gregory Smith, and Paul Baillargeon.
  • Disc four, called "The Lost Album", will give more extensive coverage to just three episodes, one of which will be "Our Man Bashir".

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