Tuesday 10 July 2012

TNG posters on StarTrek.com, with added colour!

Yesterday I reported on the lovely TNG poster and postcards to be available at Comic Con. I thought to myself, "what a shame, I'd love me one of those", and then moved on. Today though I return to that thought, as StarTrek.com now have listed in the Official Star Trek Store all of those designs, available as posters! Each one of the series available via StarTrek.com is a different colour, rather than the dark blues of the Comic Con editions - I think the Worf and Geordi ones really benefit from the extra energy of their colourations. My heart though, belongs to Data; one of my favourite Trek characters, and my favourite design in this range by a long way. So got me one of those I have (or will do), specifically a Data poster has been ordered.


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