Monday 23 April 2012

New 2013 calendar images has posted new images of Rizzoli's 2013 Star Trek calendars. Here's the first look at the finalised backcover for the new Ships of the Line:

I can see: The big picture of a Constitution class and some DY-100s; some sort of interior, no idea what though; what has to be Mark Rademaker's image in this addition, a Vesta class and ringship; the NX-01 a shuttlepod and some fighter planes (so probably a Storm Front inspired image); two or three NX class ships in formation; a Constitution class and a shuttle in front of the moon; a Galaxy class and Constitution class meeting high in a planets atmosphere; a refit Constitution class; a TNG shuttlecraft; Enterprise-E in the spacedock from Nemesis; a Constellation class firing on a Galaxy class (maybe based on The Battle); a nice view of DS9; and finally a TOS style ship I don't recognise.

The moon picture is by regular contributor, Douglas Graves (aka Deg), called "A Tall Ship", here's a better view:

There's also updated covers for the TOS calendar:


Plus new covers and interior pages from the Captain's Log engagement calendar:


  1. That interior appears to be the shuttle/cargo decks of the refit Enterprise in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (when Admiral Kirk first arrives aboard with Mr. Scott). Perhaps it's been done up as a cgi image?

  2. I thought maybe that. But then it also looks a bit colourful for that. It could be one of the painted pieces, we've had a few painted interiors before.